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Adoption Information

Thank you for your interest in adopting a greyhound

from Freedom Greyhound Rescue of Aurora.

If you do not hear from us within 48 hours after submitting

an application, please call 330-562-0555.

General Information

We do not have a physical shelter.  All dogs are housed in foster homes for a minimum of six weeks prior to submitting them onto petfinder.  All greyhounds are adopted within the Northeast Ohio area.  If you are interested in adopting a greyhound that is outside this range, we can direct you to other local groups within your state.  We have limited ourselves to this area so we can offer a high level of support to our adopters, and in case of a lost dog we can be there within an hour’s drive time.

The cost to adopt one of our greyhounds is $325.

All greyhounds receive veterinary care prior to their adoptions that include spay or neuter, required vaccinations, dental, and the care of other health issues.  All greyhounds are bathed and groomed prior to entering their forever homes.  You will receive a martingale leash/collar set with a “required” Freedom Greyhound Rescue identification tag.  Racing muzzles are included for use at greyhound fun runs, picnics, etc. or as needed for medical emergencies.

Application Process

The first step in the application process is to decide if a greyhound is for you?  We recommend reading “Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies”.  Familiarizing yourself with the breed will help you decide if adopting a greyhound is right for you and your family. 
Once we receive your application, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you that we have received it and that it is currently under review.  All vet checks on current pets will be done at this time.  You will be contacted within two days regarding a time to be set up for the next step in the process -  the home visit.

The Home Visit

Freedom Greyhound Rescue conducts home visits to make sure all involved (including the greyhound) will make the adjustment well.  We ask that all members of the adopting family be present during these visits, as the information we will share will be important to everyone who will be caring for the greyhound.

Our home visit is used as a tool to allow us to make the best possible match with the greyhounds we have in our care and the greyhound you are interested in.  Do not let this intimidate you.  It allows the individual or families to interact with the greyhound within their own homes.  We use this as a teaching measure to educate all involved pertaining to the safety and security of our dogs.  For example, sharp edged furniture is pointed out, faulty latches on doors, gaps in fencing outside, unlocking gates on fences, etc.  No one wants an injured or lost greyhound shortly after he enters his new home.

The Approval Process

Decisions are not made on the spot at the home visit.  That allows us and you time to absorb all that is involved.  Within three days you will be contacted by one of our officers as to whether you have been approved or not.  Remember, our goal is to have a lasting home for all of our greyhounds and to make an easy transition for all involved – both families and four-legged friends.  Our goal is not to have pets returned to us if at all possible.  The three day delay allows you the time to gather any other questions you might have for us regarding the breed or specific dog that you are interested in.

Delivery of the Greyhound to Your Home

Upon approval, a time is set up to deliver your new family member to your home!  All adopters must have a crate, 48” L x 30”W x 34” tall. Crates shorter in length and height will not suffice.  If you do not have a crate, we have crates that we provide at cost.  We make no money on crates.  We can deliver and assemble the crate for you when we bring your greyhound!

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