2020 Virtual Halloween Costume Contest Entries

Thank you for your support and participation!  It was a lot fun.  See you next year.

Grey Grey.jpg

Grey Grey  "The Unicorn"

Killer, Jewel & Roberta.JPG

Dobie "Kitty's Friend or Foe?"

Jewel "Batgirl", Killer "Batman", Roberta as "Batmom"

Chewbacca Ben.JPG
Sushi Gracie.JPG
Taco Kitty.JPG

Ben "Chewbacca"

Gracie "Sushi Girl"

Gregory  "Taco Kitty"

Football Play Tito.JPG

Tito "Tiniest Brown's Fan"

Bee Notshka.JPG
Sansa the Skeleton.jpg

Notshka "Busy Bee"

Sansa "The Skeleton"

Chloe LaBonne (1).jpg

Miss Chloe "Showgirl" rocking her purple bustier and feather boa!  She's going to be appearing in the off, off, off, OFF Broadway revival of "Showboat," singing "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man."

Viking Appollo.jpg
Rose as a Strawberry.JPG

Rosie "The Strawberry"

WINNER !!!  


Moos the Mouse.jpeg

Moose "The Mouse"

Belush waiting for the Great Pumpkin.jpg

WINNER !!!!  Belushi "The Great Pumpkin"


"Princess" Lucy

Pretty Skeleton.JPG

The Pretty "Skeleton"

Cali Ty.jpeg
Holy Guacamole .JPG


Jafar "The Avocado"

Cali "Ty Beanie Baby"

Cash in the Hat with Thing 1.JPG

Cash "In The Hat"

Dreamie as Bad Dog.JPG

Dreamie "BAD Dog"

BAD DOG Cody.jpg


Cody "BAD Dog II"

Lucky Zoro.JPG

Lucky "Zorro"