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Freedom Greyhound Rescue is Excited to Announce a Virtual Raffle!

1st Virtual Bark After Dark Raffle Night

Happy New Year!  Thank you for volunteering to help with our 1st Virtual Bark After Dark Raffle Night.  The event will be held on Sunday, February 28th early evening.  What do you think? 


That gives us 6 weeks to get the web page ready with photographed items and descriptions plus the webpage for the raffle ticket purchase form.  They used striped.com for paying with credit cards. Betty from Underground Doberman's is available to answer questions. Her number is 614-778-5668.  Just tell her you are with Freedom Greyhounds.  Stripe offer non profit discounts through their sales department.  They take a percentage of each card sale. 

The Doberman's had everything set up on a wordpress form and once the buyers submitted the form with how many tickets they wanted, they invoiced them with stripe.  The buyers had to pay within 2 days in order to have their tickets entered. Here's the link to how the Doberman's did their Christmas raffle.  They raised $1,700 on just 7 items.    https://dudobes.org/raffle/?fbclid=IwAR2PN-Ifi_SUECVvs-i2YrWUhy_cuYiAbQPAVpRZrqSgyuvppVNVNZ8ZmTI 

They had it on facebook for about 2 weeks for people to be able to purchase tickets.  We could also send it through emai to our adopters when the time comes.  They pulled the tickets on FB live.  We could arrange pick up dates or they could opt to pay shipping for their won items.  

The next link is to the page to order the tickets with the form.  Per Betty (their webmaster) we should be able to make up a form with our current website.  Raffle Submission Form · Doberman Underground

Raffle items, ticket and other information can be found here.

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