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Upcoming Event

Freedom Greyhound Rescue is Excited to Announce...

2021 Virtual

Bark After Dark

Presented by Freedom Greyhound Rescue of Aurora


SUNDAY MAY 23, 2020 | 4:00PM | Facebook Live



You are invited to Freedom Greyhound Rescue’s first virtual Bark After Dark Raffle Event. The event will be held via Facebook Live. Unlike years past, this year there is no admission cost to participate in the event.


Raffle baskets are posted on Freedom Greyhound Rescue’s website. Join us Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 4:00PM where winners will be announced live during the Facebook Live event.


Bark After Dark Raffle Booths Open Monday, April 26, 2021

Ticket Pricing:


1 Ticket - $2.00

6 Tickets - $10.00

15 tickets = $20.00

40 tickets = $50.00 

Ticket sales have ended.  Thank you for your support!

You can see a list of the basket winners HERE.












2021 Virtual Bark After Dark FAQ’s


Q: How do I know what items are available?

A: A full list of raffle items including pictures and descriptions, are posted on our website:


Q: How do I purchase and enter my raffle tickets for the items I want to win?

A: Go to to complete the Bark After Dark Raffle Entry Form, or click HERE. Once you know the number of tickets you want to purchase, enter the number of tickets in the “# of Raffle Ticket” field next to the items you wish to enter.


Example:  If you select 10 tickets and want 2 of those tickets to go to the Raffle Item #1, and 8 of those tickets to the go to the Raffle Item #2: enter “2” in the # of Raffle Tickets field next to Raffle Item #1, and “8” in the field next to Raffle Item #2.


After you have finished your selections, select the Submit Form button at the TOP. You will receive an invoice to your email address within 24 hours, which must be paid immediately to ensure your eligibility for the raffle. If you do not receive an invoice, please check your spam folder. If you have any questions, please email us


Q: Do I have to attend the event to win the raffle item?

A: No, however we would love to have your company!


Q: Can I invite others to join the event?

A: Absolutely!  We appreciate your sharing this event with others.


Q: How do I receive my basket if I win?

A: Freedom Greyhound Rescue will host scheduled Raffle Basket Pick Up Days when you can pick up your raffle item in person, or you can pay the cost of shipping and we will mail your raffle item to you.

Freedom Greyhound Rescue

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